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What you find on this page


Your personal YOUinConsulting milestone award dashboard with a) the number of friends/peers who have signed up to the YOUinConsulting newsletter through your personal invite link and b) your unlocked milestone awards!


An overview of all the YOUinConsulting milestone awards for you to achieve! 🙂

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Your personal milestone award dashboard

Unlock your next milestone award!

New YOUinConsulting members you have invited & your milestone awards

The YOUinConsulting milestone awards awaiting you

Unlock them all… 😉

Overview of milestone awards

Milestone award #1: Exclusive video advice: Survive your consulting job interviews!

(1) Bonus video

2 referrals: Invite 2 friends to join YOUinConsulting using you referral link and gain access to my exclusive bonus video advice: “Consulting job interviews: The ONE mistake to avoid…”

In this video, I share with you an important lesson that you need know for your consulting job interviews. I learnt this lesson the hard way… so I want to make you aware of a serious mistake and tell you how do it better! 🙂

Milestone award #2: Case interview prep kit

(2) Case interview prep kit

4 referrals: Invite 4 friends to join YOUinConsulting using your referral link and receive the YOUinConsulting case interview prep kit.

In this case interview prep kit, I share my advice on how to make the most out of your preparatory case interview sessions with peers. I lead you to a vault of free casebooks, assist you with finding suitable case interview partners and explain you how to structure your mock interview sessions for maximizing your learning progress.

Milestone award #3: Ask Jack a personal question & receive an expert reply!

(3) Send a question to Jack

8 referrals: Invite 8 friends to join YOUinConsulting using your referral link and get my expert advice on a personal question that matters to me.

Once you unlock this award, you will be invited to send me a personal question dealing with your business or consulting career and on which you seek advice this. I will then go out of my way to help you fix that issue! 🙂

Milestone award #4: Personal review of your CV (resume)

(4) CV review

15 referrals: Invite 15 friends to join YOUinConsulting using your referral link and I will review your CV (resume).

After reaching this 15 referral milestone, I will invite you to share your CV with me, so that I can review it for you in detail. I will help ensure that you make your profile shine and present yourself in the way (consulting) firms appreciate it the most. I am also famous for my attention to detail and will help you eliminate those supposedly “little” errors that can can ruin your good first impression and, in the worst case, cost you a job!

Milestone award #5: Free coaching session with Jack

(5) Free coaching

25 referrals: Invite 25 friends to join YOUinConsulting using your referral link and I will review your CV (resume).

Upon unlocking this milestone award, I will set up a free coaching session with you, to provide my intelligence and advice on a topic of your choice. We can discuss your general career plan as well as on how to move forward best. We can practice a case study for obtaining a qualified feedback. If you have already started your business or consulting career, I am also happy to help you master a work-related challenge.

Milestone award #6: Feature in one of my YOUinConsulting YouTube videos!

(6) YouTube feature

40 referrals: Invite 40 friends to join YOUinConsulting using your referral link and get featured on the YOUinConsulting YouTube channel!

When you reach this milestone, I will invite you for a feature on my YOUinConsulting YouTube channel 🙂 We will work out together an idea that suits your needs/preference. Either we hold a virtual interview on a topic that is interesting to you and the YOUinConsulting audience, or you suggest a topic of interest to you that you would like me to cover in a new video, where I will give credit to your achievement. If you are a little shy and do not like to be featured in public, I can still discuss a topic of your choice. We will work an idea out together that is useful and fun to both us – I look forward to being creative in our session! 🙂

Milestone award #7: Become a YOUinConsulting ambassador!

(7) Ambassador

50 referrals: Invite 50 friends to join YOUinConsulting using your referral link and become a YOUinConsulting ambassador!

When you have made aware 50 friends of YOUinConsulting and motivated them to join, you will become a YOUinConsulting ambassador, fully tapping into the benefits of this YOUinConsulting Ambassador Program. I will be happy to serve as a speaker at an event that you host, e.g., at your university/club or at a conference. Furthermore, you will be invited to join the private YOUinConsulting WA group for continued mentorship on your path to success. I look forward to welcoming you as a top-tier YOUinConsulting ambassador – let us hustle and grow together!

Disclaimer: Adjustments to the award structure can be made.

How it works

How to leverage the YOUinConsulting ambassador program for your benefit

Take these simple steps

1. Why YOUinConsulting is worth sharing

If you are reading this, most probably you have already signed up to the YOUinConsulting newsletter, and know that it is worth it: Upon signing up, I immediately share with you my free consulting online test preparation materials, take you through the free YOUinConsulting aptitude test (with evaluation tool), and, from time to time, I continue supplying you with top-quality insider insights from the business and consulting world, through my YOUinConsulting newsletter.

As you will know by now, I invest a lot of time to ensure that the video content and materials that I create for you reach top-quality standard. I believe that my videos and materials are valuable for anyone pursuing an ambitious business or consulting career. However, getting noticed, building a growing community and increasing outreach takes time, too. For this, I like to build on YOUR help, and I am committed to rewarding you for it, so that we can GROW TOGETHER.

Welcome to YOUinConsulting

2. Unlock unique YOUinConsulting milestone awards designed to boost your career

Unlock your benefits

In the footer of every YOUinConsulting newsletter email you receive, you find your unique YOUinConsulting newsletter referral link. It leads to a website, where your peers can sign up to the YOUinConsulting newsletter. For every new YOUinConsulting member whom you invite and who completes the newsletter sign-up process, you will be awarded a credit (see the number of friends you have made join in your personal milestone award dashboard here). As soon as the number of successful referrals exceeds a certain level, you unlock exclusive milestone awards automatically delivered to you within 24 hours that are designed to help you advance you in your own career – a win-win, how cool is that!!

And you achieve your first milestone award already with just 2 successful referrals!! 🙂

3. Share your personal YOUinConsulting newsletter referral link with your peers and benefit!

Proactively share your personal referral link with your friends, in your university peer groups, clubs, in your company and/or on social media – you know best where to find your peers who you believe will benefit from the YOUinConsulting project. Happily be creative in how to make peers aware of YOUinConsulting – you know it is good 🙂 For instance, you can share such a post on your social media accounts:

Example post
  • Feel free to copy/edit this example text
  • If you like, tag me in your post so that I can like it! 
  • Besides sharing your newsletter referral link, it would be super cool if you encouraged your peers to also subscribe to my YOUinConsulting YouTube channel, too 🙂

Example text for sharing:

Hi all, I recently found out about the YOUinConsulting YouTube channel. It is run by Jack, a former McKinsey project manager, who shares his business & consulting insider insights in a really fun way!! I highly recommend you to sign up to his YOUinConsulting newsletter, too, since immediately upon joining, you get access to a number of further free tools/videos that are really helping me on my own consulting career path!

If you like to share a feedback or ideas to further improve the YOUinConsulting Ambassador Program, happily shoot me an email on jack(at)youinconsulting(dot)com or use the contact form.

Please share if you think it may help others