Unprecedented expert knowledge for your entry, rise, and exit as a management consultant

From your job application to the golden handshake – become a consulting insider!



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YOUinConsulting features at a glance


Indispensable consulting insider knowledge for your entry, rise, and exit as a management consultant


Exclusive tips & tricks that prioritize your career progress as well as your personal well-being, whether you are a new job applicant or already working as a consultant


An independent, fun, and differentiated perspective on the consulting industry — presented by an ex-McKinsey consultant

The YOUinConsulting service offering at a glance

Starting point

Consulting School

Consulting School

Finally: a well-structured online course program stretching over all phases of your consulting life — entry, rise and exit!


Unprecedented insider knowledge for both new applicants and existing consultants — wherever you are standing right now


An educational program with seven sequential online course modules, tailored to your needs


Authentic, personal, and to the point — presented by an ex-McKinsey consultant


Premium “infotainment” created with love — for an engaging route towards your success!

For advanced learners

Consultant Coach

Consulting Coach

Personal 1:1 coaching on questions that arise during any phases of consulting life

  • For job applicants: general career advice and application strategy, application documents check-up service, interview preparation
  • For consultants: independent consulting career advice, crisis management, exit and severance package negotiation strategy, alternative career planning

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About YOUinConsulting

Dr "Jack" Jörg Leib

Dr “Jack” Jörg Leib, Founder of YOUinConsulting

YOUinConsulting was founded by Dr “Jack” Jörg Leib. Prior to serving as a passionate independent management advisor, he worked for five years as a consultant and project manager for the world’s leading management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. He assists his clients worldwide with their business — and sometimes personal — transformation journeys while enjoying consulting work, which includes a wide range of activities such as technical analyses, effective presentations and purposeful client communications. He holds a PhD from Imperial College London.

Again and again, Jack has been asked for advice on (consulting) career decisions. Many people share the dream of becoming a management consultant and/or want to excel in their consulting careers. However, Jörg found that, in order to form a differentiated opinion on the industry and effectively preparing for a consulting career, the standard information materials available (such as glossy career magazines, sponsored recruiting events and anonymous online forums) are only partially suitable.

This vital need for cutting-edge information is now satisfied by YOUinConsulting: with a unique didactic concept, the Consulting School presents unprecedented insider knowledge and covers all phases of the consultant’s “life cycle,” from entry into the industry, through career advancement to exiting the industry. The Consulting School provides unbiased, authentic and entertaining advice and step-by-step guidance on the path towards and through a successful consulting career. As the Consultant Coach, Jörg additionally provides individual advice to people entering, maneuvering and leaving the consulting industry.

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